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In the "Natural Disaster Recovery Support NFT Project," we are collaborating with contemporary artist Tetsuzo Okubo from Los Angeles to sell NFTs that support the recovery from the heavy rainfall disaster in Akita Prefecture in July 2023.

Official Project Website (Japanese Version)

Official Project Website (English Version)

For this design, we've incorporated the symbol colors of Akita Prefecture into the background and featured "Smile-kun," which has been beloved by many customers since the early days of A Love Movement. We've also added beautiful "eyelashes" reminiscent of Akita's beauties to the traditional design.

NFT Purchase Page

The design is filled with the hope that the people of Akita Prefecture will regain their smiles as soon as possible.

  • Sales Period: September 5, 2023 - September 30, 2023
  • Sales Price: $10
  • Supported Chain: Ethereum
  • Edition: Open Edition
  • Format: ERC1155
  • Contract Name: Recoveryfor001
  • SYMBOL: NFT For Recovery

Donation Destination of NFT Sales

The proceeds from NFT sales will be donated to the "Akita Prefecture Heavy Rain Disaster Relief Fund" in accordance with the wishes of the affected regions.

Background of Disaster Recovery Support NFT Project

Following an online meetup with the Akita Prefectural Government in December 2022, RokuBunNoni Co., Ltd. and Encrypto LLC have been actively working on contributing to local communities through the use of blockchain technology and NFTs.

In April 2023, RokuBunNoni Co., Ltd. entered into a partnership with the Akita Prefectural Government. As a result, we have embarked on activities to support disaster recovery efforts in Akita Prefecture.

Thoughts and Aims of the Akita Prefecture Disaster Recovery Support NFT

In this project, we aim to create a sustainable support system using NFTs, unlike traditional donations.

The NFTs to be sold this time feature designs by Tetsuzo Okubo, the representative of "A LOVE MOVEMENT," a recycling brand based in Los Angeles. The smiley mark in the design symbolizes the desire for the affected individuals to regain their smiles as soon as possible.

This initiative prioritizes disaster recovery and aims to deepen collaboration with corporations and individuals who share our vision. Together with all supporters, we are committed to helping Akita Prefecture recover as soon as possible.

Official Collaborators

[Maï Fujimoto, Founder of KIZUNA]

Maï Fujimoto has been working to promote Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2011 and is known as "MissBitcoin." She has established multiple blockchain-related companies and focuses on using blockchain for SDGs. She has served as an ambassador for Famiee Project and the BINANCE Charity Foundation. Since 2018, she has organized NFT-focused events and advised numerous NFT projects. Starting in 2020, she has also invested in companies developing NFT-related games. Currently, she is active worldwide as a co-founder of Intmax.

[Aruyoumu Co., Ltd.]

Aruyoumu Co., Ltd. is a startup based in Sapporo, Japan, dedicated to promoting "regional revitalization through NFTs." They provide NFT solutions tailored for local governments across Japan, featuring NFTs with the charm of regional areas. By using NFTs as rewards for local tax payments, they not only generate new sources of revenue but also contribute to city promotion and the growth of local communities. The company name, "Aruyoumu," is an Arabic word meaning "today." They aim to provide cutting-edge technology to local governments and regions that are eager to take on new challenges.


DeSpread, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a blockchain-focused consulting firm. Leveraging its unique market knowledge and experience, DeSpread offers a wide range of solutions, including market entry strategies, branding, and awareness enhancement, to projects both domestically and internationally. DeSpread specializes in various Web3 areas, including DeFi, NFTs, metaverses, and gaming. Their consulting services are tailored and personalized to meet specific client needs.

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