about us

Company Overview

  • Established: April 7, 2023
  • Founder & CEO: Hiromasa Honda

Research Business:

Our research business revolves around exploring various aspects, with a primary focus on blockchain technology in both Japan and Germany. This includes research on the application of NFTs and FTs in business, case studies of their adoption in local contexts, and investigations into taxation and legal frameworks. We are also committed to exploring emerging areas such as DeFi and new NFT projects.

Consulting Services:

Our consulting services cover a wide spectrum, providing extensive support to domestic exchanges, local governments, and general business companies. We offer strategic proposals to domestic exchanges, assist local governments in utilizing NFTs for tourism promotion, and support the adoption of Web3 technology among general businesses. Additionally, we provide marketing support for Web3 projects, conduct research, and offer event planning and negotiation assistance (including interpretation) for foreign projects within Japan. We also organize and host seminars and blockchain-related events for corporations. Our collaboration with RokuBunnoni, our partner company, enables us to contribute to market strategies using media and community engagement.

Media Operations:

We operate "Air Drop Guide 3.0," a blog-style media platform specializing in airdrops. We have plans to expand our media presence by featuring projects initiated by Japanese individuals and entities.

Other Initiatives:

We are actively involved in various problem-solving endeavors that leverage blockchain technology, including the establishment of charity projects. Our dedication to providing innovative approaches and knowledge enables us to grow alongside our clients as we pioneer the future.